Augusta National Admits Women

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Yesterday the news broke that Augusta National Golf Club, a private club that closed their doors to women for 80 years suddenly had a change of heart and are allowing women to become members. Not many people are impressed with this sudden change of heart because they think it’s public pressure that has Augusta National doing this. Whatever the reason for doing it- they have done it.

Think of Georgia in 1932, think of America in terms of women and their rights even to vote. This should not be shocking. Another thing to look at is that this is a private club. They have the right to admit whoever they want to admit. So why the fuss? Are there private women only golf clubs in the United States? Are there other private men only golf clubs in America? What should they do now? The answer depends on what you believe. Consider this though, would there be so much fuss if Augusta National was not the famous golf course where The Masters are played each year?

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