The Manning Bowl


It is indeed an exciting time for football fans and Giants and Denver fans in particular. This weekend we will witness either in person or at home, the Manning Bowl. Elite Eli Manning and his brother, Peyton Manning play each other in Met Life Stadium on Sunday. It is going to be epic. The NY Giants cannot afford to go down 0-2, so they must win. While it is believed that despite the fact that Eli Manning has two Super Bowl rings and Peyton only one, Peyton is the better player. Well, as we have often seen, better does not always win. A little luck help and so as a NY Giants fan let’s pray that they will send Peyton home crying and Eli will be elite once again.

Summer Photography Tips

NYC Water Taxi - Way to go!
NYC Water Taxi – Way to go!

Photography is great all year round and summer is a wonderful time to get out there and take amazing photos. Let us look at some summer photography tips and ideas to take photos that you will be proud of.

Firstly, let us make it very clear that having a good camera is great, but if you know what you are doing you will get great shots even with a throwaway camera. In other words, the person behind the camera is just as important as the camera you are using. So, the first tip is to work with what you have.

Travel photography is wonderful, but you do not have to travel far. Right in your neighborhood, town, city and state, there are interesting things to photograph. The second tip is that you do not have to travel far to get great photos. You can photograph at the same location at different times of the day from different angles and so on.

The next thing to note is that you do not need a lot of gear. One camera (take off the lens cover and get a haze filter on it), a zoom lens, a monopod, a diffuser, memory card (class 10 or the fastest speed your camera will take) rechargeable batteries and your charger. Many people have tablets, so if you have one it is much lighter and smaller to carry around so you can always back up your photos at the end of the day or as you go along. That is it for now. Please feel free to post comments and in my next post you will see some photos.

New York Knicks Must Win Tonight- Game 5

Knicks Now

Tonight the New York Knicks have the awesome opportunity to send the Boston Celtics off to a long summer. For the New York Knicks, this is Game 7. If the Knicks lose tonight they might very well lose the series and that would be a colossal failure. Knicks fans believe they will prevail and we expect them to go on to the NBA finals and win it. If you do not have that kind of faith – that’s alright.

Tim Tebow and the New York Jets

NYC Water Taxi - Way to go!
NYC Water Taxi – Way to go!

Everyone seems to agree that in the National Football League (NFL), business is business and the NY Jets releasing of Tim Tebow today was just business. That might very well be true, but there is a way to conduct business. Would any of these men i the Jets organization like an employer to treat their son like that?

When Tim Tebow came to New York last year, he was asked to appear at a press conference where neither Rex, Woody or any of Jets management was present. That should have been the first red flag. Then throughout the season, despite the terrible play by Sanchez, Tebow was never given a chance to play quarterback. To add insult to injury, the Jets waited until all the other teams had filled their rosters before releasing him. That was just wrong.

Tebow handled himself with class and the classless Jets ruined this young man’s career with an unceremonious dismissal. Where is he going to get a job now? Is he as terrible as everyone is making out. He took the Denver Broncos much further than where Peyton took them this season. That should count for something.

NYC on New Year’s Eve



New York, New York 2012

New Year’s Eve is an exciting tome to be in New York City. There is the excitement of the ball being dropped in Times Square, there is Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, basketball at Madison Square Garden and Barclay center, Broadway shows, and the famous Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. How can we forget the fine restaurants, Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center, 9/11 Memorial, shopping and so much more. As you can see, thee is absolutely no place like New York City no matter what time of year, but even more so during the Christmas and New Year. This year promises to be bigger and better. So, let’s narrow it down for you by giving you more specific information on a few top events, how to get around, stay warm and be safe all at the same time. Ready?

Times Square

Times Square is the crosswords of New York city and indeed the world.  It is where Broadway, 42nd Street, and 7th Avenue all come together.  Several subway trains stop at Times Square and if you are going to see the ball drop, subway should be your mode of transportation.  Several trains including  A C E  N Q R S 1, 2,3, and 7 lines. You can truly get there from any of the five boroughs with ease. If you are visiting New York from another state or country, the newly renovated Times Square Museum and Visitors Center is a must see.  The center is located at 1560 Broadway, but the entrance is on 7th Avenue between 46th/47th Street.  You can also call them at 212-452-5283 for specific information regarding New Year’s Eve 2012 as well as theater discounted tickets.  It should be understood that if you are coming to New York and Times Square you need to bring your camera. If possible, also t with a small stool to sit on.

Times Square is a lot of fun and is always crowded, so be careful with your cameras, pocket books, wallets, and jewelery.  In Times Square you can do your shopping, find hotel accommodations,  get theater tickets, take pictures or just do people watching.  Whatever you do, it will be a lot of fun.  As this blog post is being written we are 4 days 11 hrs 55 mins and 10 secs away from the New Year 2013.  Places you can eat include Olive Gardens, Red Lobster, Bubba Gump to name a few.  Just around the corner is Dave and Buster’s, McDonalds, Coldstone Icecream, and many more awesome places to grab a bite or sit down and eat.

Other Attractions

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

The most famous Christmas Tree in the world is located in New York City at the Rockefeller Center which is located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza which is bounded by 5th/6th Avenues and 48-51st Streets.  The trees is an 80ft Norway spruce from Flanders, NJ, and it is lit with more than 30,000 LED lights.  At the top is a Swarovski star.  The  tree will be up until January 7, 2013.  There is always a crowd so earlier go early or late if you want to avoid the crowd.  While you are there, just step into the NBC Studios, shop at the stores in Rockefeller Plaza and go to the Top of the Rock for a breathtaking view of Manhattan.  The number to the Plaza is 212-588-8601.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is amazing during this time of year.  There are shops, a skating rink, places to sit and sip hot chocolate, read, or just sit and talk with friends or strangers who might become friends.  Bryant Park is a fun place all year round, but in winter they have the skate rink and guess what, it is free.  Bryant Park is located next to the New York Public Library at 40th Street between 5th /6th avenues.  Just go by and have fun.

In my next post I will do FAO Schwartz, World Financial Center Garden of Lights, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. If you u  enjoyed this post or found it informative, please add your comments and please share via Twitter, Facebook and yes, the two of you on My Space- that’s fine too.