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Hello World,                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Words are not enough to express the bitter sweet emotions of Regis Philbin leaving daytime television.  Live with Regis and kelly will go on, but it will not be the same without Regis Philbin.  Whenever I get the chance I always tune in at 9:00a.m. and from start to finish Regis Philbin keeps you laughing.  He is simply an amazing and extrordinary human being.  He was made for television.   It is indeed heart warming to hear he is not retiring, he is just moving on.  That is really a wonderful way to look at what we do with our lives.   He is not retiring- he is moving on.


There is no one like Regis because he is an original.  Jerry Seinfeld and whoever else they might put in the chair can only be themselves.  We know Kelly can hold her own and that is great.  what Regis has taught the rest of the world, is that you should always be doing something.  Keep working as long as you can.  Don’t retire at 65 and then sit at home and whither away.  Did you know Regis is 80 years old?  He is an amazing man.   Regis, walk good.  We hope to see you make cameo appearances here and there.  There is another chapter to your life and we hope we will see when you are writing it.  Television needs you.

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PDN Photo Plus Expo in New York City

CANON BOOTH at PDN PhotoPlus Expo in NYC

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The PDN Photo Plus Expo is on at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City.  Yesterday was the first day open to the public and it was really well supported.  I can only imagine what today and tomorrow will be like.  Like last year, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Bay Photo, Smug Mug, and Epson are everywhere.  Not to be outdone is Blurb, the book people.  Their setup is like a living room with beautiful white leather sofa.  it is awesome.  When you get tired you can sit and relax at Blurb.  Also, they are giving you a 20% discount on your next book published with them.

Unique Photo out of New jersey was also very big.  So too, Adorama our photo people down the block from superpower     B & H Photo Video.  B&H has shuttle buses for two days since they are closed on Saturday.  The workshops are interesting and informative.  The have brought out the top guns. Gary Fong is there, Manfrotto, Wescott, HP, PNY, Tamron, Sigma, OnOne Software, and many more.   I found a company who makes something similar to a pocket wizard for less than half the price and it worked well when I tried it.

If you are a photographer, or even a tourist with a point and shoot camera, you will love Photo Plus Expo.  It is epic.  Tomorrow is the last day so get there early.  Of course, apart from the general sessions and the booths, thee are seminars, lectures and even portfolio reviews.  If you are serious about photography all roads lead to Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City this weekend.  Get there today or tomorrow.

Enjoy the pictures from the Photo Plus Expo.

Unique Photo Booth - seminar


NBA Lockout

NYC East River


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Sports is really big business.  The NBA lockout is going on with no end in sight.  Do you miss basketball or are you wishing and hoping it will be back soon? I think the players who make millions and are the superstars are not understanding that they cannot look at the issue from their point of view only.  They have to see it from the view point of the other players who are making $2M or $3M and have no Nike or or sneaker endorsement.

In a league with wbout 500 players, only about 50 are really stars, and of that number, only about 20 are really superstars.  The problem is that the league is driven by the few superstars.  Who really cares about the people who work the concession stands at the areans?  Who cares about their families?  Do they make millions of dollars so that they can take a season off?

The way I see it, both players and owners are losing each day there is no basketball.  Money lost by the players will never be recovered.  The news says they are meeting today without the mediator.  That’s a good sign.  If they keep talking to each other they will be able to work something out.  Basketball cannot afford to lose a season.  Get it together and stop slam dunking each other.

World Series Baseball Phonegate Scandal


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If you have been following the World Series between Texas Rangers and the Cardinals, you must be talking about “phonegate” today.  What really happened?  Do you really believe the phone mix up?  What are your opinions? 

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