Brooklyn after Sandy: First Look
Brooklyn after Sandy: First Look

This is just one photo that shows the power of sandy right in Brooklyn, New York.  Thank God for what did not happen.  On a quick photo walk in the Flatlands area of Brooklyn, this was one of the first things that caught my eye.  This is a steel fence that has stood for years and look at it now.  But just like this fence, people in New York City might be bent, but we are not broken. 

So far 15 New Yorkers have died and we pray for those families that they will have peace even in this crisis.  The subways are still down and so are buses.  Governor Cuomo just said that they hope to get transportation up by Wednesday and it will be free for both subway and buses as New Yorkers move about.  New Yorkers are survivors and as long as we have life we will rebuild.  JFK airport will re-open tomorrow. LaGuardia will not open tomorrow due to extensive damage. All bridges and tunnels, except BATTERY TUNNEL and Rockaway bridges will not re-open tomorrow due to flooding.

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