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The New York Yankees Must Win Tonight

The New York Yankees have their backs against the proverbial wall.  It is win or go home for an early winter.  Things have taken a turn for the worse these past three or four seasons because the Yankees have been relying on home runs.  They have to learn how to scrap and scrape and move people forward from base to base.  What if A-Rod just knew how to bunt or place the ball on the ground.  Somebody has to teach these stars how to get the runs without the big hits all the time.

If the Yankees lose tonight they only have themselves to blame and us the fans need not feel sorry for them. After all, as fans how much money are we getting paid to watch these players? If they don’t have any pride then that is just too bad.

Enjoy the game.


How The NY Yankees Got Their Groove Back

Hello world,

There was a tornado sighting in NYC today.  Hopefully the rain is gone for good.  Let Fall begins. How is your Saturday going? There are great football games on and the NY Yankees have  gotten their groove back.  They won last night and the big bats are really hitting the ball out the park once again. Essentially, the NY Yankees got their grove back by becoming a healthy team again.  At the end of the series with the Orioles, we will see if Bobby Valentine was right when he said the Baltimore Orioles just got lucky.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday.

Augusta National Admits Women

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Hello world,

Yesterday the news broke that Augusta National Golf Club, a private club that closed their doors to women for 80 years suddenly had a change of heart and are allowing women to become members. Not many people are impressed with this sudden change of heart because they think it’s public pressure that has Augusta National doing this. Whatever the reason for doing it- they have done it.

Think of Georgia in 1932, think of America in terms of women and their rights even to vote. This should not be shocking. Another thing to look at is that this is a private club. They have the right to admit whoever they want to admit. So why the fuss? Are there private women only golf clubs in the United States? Are there other private men only golf clubs in America? What should they do now? The answer depends on what you believe. Consider this though, would there be so much fuss if Augusta National was not the famous golf course where The Masters are played each year?

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Jason Kidd and the New York Knicks

The Kidd and the Knicks- great combination. I don’t see the Miami Heat repeating.
I met Jason Kidd in person a few years ago at an event in Brooklyn and he is the nicest person you would ever want to meet. At that time he played for the New Jersey Nets. Now he is coming to help Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks, only people who are not basketball savvy is mad about this. I think the New York Knicks are looking great now and can challenge for the conference championship. Jason Kidd takes the team up a whole level and I really want to welcome him to New York. You are heading into the right direction.

Is Linsanity Over


Up to Thursday, February 23, 2012, it could be said that the entire world was stricken with linsanity. It seemed that Jeremy Lin could do no wrong and so the New York Knicks to the Linsanity show to South Beach.  Big mistake.  They should have taken their talents to South Beach.

The Miami Heatles were eagerly waiting to throw some South Beach water on the Linsanity and that was what they did.  No one prepared Jeremy Lin for this and the youngster was charmed by Charmers.  Of course, as typical human beings the first sign of trouble they jump off the band wagon.  No Jeremy Lin is made to look totally out of his element on national television.

Never mind, Jeremy.  You are a good point guard.  What the Heat taught you was invaluable and you will not learn it from anywhere else.  Do not lose your confidence because you will be rewarded.  The same way you did not give up and kept showing up time after time until it was recognized that you can play with the best of them, and it paid off for you, it’s the same way you will get over this.

Just understand that basketball is as much physical and skills as it is mental and skills.  The other players were just sick and tired of hearing about this Linsanity.  Kobe had no idea who you were until you drop 38 on him.  Dallas came in and thought you were a push over and you took Jason Kidd down memory lane and you gave your team a win.  Now the word is out that you are good, so expect people to come at you.  In life, nobody pays attention to you if you are not making an impact.  Everybody writes you off until you prove them wrong.

We can all learn from Jeremy and he can learn from the linsanity that surrounded him.  Understand that when the enemy rears its ugly head – it’s because it is has heard your name.  Don’t let the circumstances of life beat you down because of one failure. Get back up, hold up your head and keep moving forward. If the linsanity is over then the news, sports reporters, business, politicians and others will have nothing to do.  For that reason the linsanity must go on.  Just the presence of Jeremy Lin at the NBA 2012 All Star game this weekend will be good for all. On Wednesday, the New York Knicks and Jeremy return to the Garden that is, Madison Square Garden, and we shall see what we shall see.