Dancing With The Stars 2012

                          Dancing With The Stars Is Back for Season 14

The Stars Is Back!


Hello world,

Dancing With The Stars 2012, season 14, ABC at 8p.m. on March 19 is must see television. put it on your calendar right now.  Dancing With The Stars cast of 2012 is announced and I like it.   is back for another season and it is exciting.  This season’s line up is really terrific.  Last season I had do idea who some of these stars were, but this season, I know a lot of them and I think that the viewership is going to go through the roof. I believe they have gathered a great group of personalities for this season. It is going to be must watch television. When you think of Gladys Knight, Melissa Gilbert, Donald Driver, Sherri Shepard, Maria Menounos (might just be the favorite due to her dancing partner, Derek), Martina Navratilova (a super athlete), and Gavin DeGraw, just to mention a few, why would you not want to set aside this time as your time every Monday and Tuesday.

                               DWTS is among the best reality shows

I like Dancing With The Stars because it is one of two or three reality shows that has balance.  The other two are The Shark Tank and The Voice.  The others are just drama and meanness and craziness.  Dancing With The Stars teaches you how to believe in yourself because Bruno and Len will crush you and stomp on you with their words.  They can work you up if you don’t know who you are and why you are there. I think when they are critical they are worse than Simon Cowell.

                                            Early Predictions


How do you feel about this season? Do you have any predictions as to who will be in the final three? I think Sherri Shepard is going to be among the final three.  I will say who the other two I think will be there in tomorrow’s blog.Keep an eye on Maria, Jaleel, and Jack. It is going to be a lot of fun, fun, fun. Are you ready for this? Hope you are. Please share your comments.