Fall Photography 2014


Fall is finally here and everyone is probably asking, “where did summer go?” Well, it is gone until next year. The seasons teach us so much about our own lives. We have to enjoy each season of our lives. Sometimes it will be summer and all is well, no tears, no sadness, all is great, and then things take a turn and all is gloomy and grey like today in New York City, but just go through the process and you will be just fine.

Just like we have to embrace the Autumn season or move somewhere else, we also have to embrace the season we are in and go through it. Seasons come to go. Summer does not last all year round, at least not in New York. So, since Autumn is here and we can at least see the beautiful splendor of our planet, grab a camera and let the road trip begin. You can enjoy the Autumn (Fall) season by capturing breathtaking photographs. Here are five tips to get started.

Reflection in Green

Reflection in Green

Tip #1- You need a real camera. Not a cellphone camera or an iPad mini. A real camera. It can be a point and shoot or fancy and expensive camera. All the major manufacturers have great cameras for under $200.00.

Tip #2 Get a tripod. it does not need to be expensive, it just need to be able to hold the weight of your camera. You can get one at Best Buy or PC Richards or any camera store for under $30.00.

Tip #3. Get at least two 8GB Memory cards. I prefer two memory cards more than one because of something happens to one you do not lose all your images. I photograph in RAW format and an 8 GB card can give me 400 images.

Tip #4 Do not leave our camera at home. The best camera is the one you have with you.

Tip #5 Go out everyday and take some photos and come back and print even one and hang it on your wall or use them for holiday postcards. If you just step outside your door you will see a tree with beautiful colors. Take the picture.