Graduation Class of 2014: Photography Tips
Class of 2014

Class of 2014

It is time for graduations all over the country. Almost every parent, family and friend will be armed with a camera to take photos. You have some options in the matter. Most colleges hire a photography studio to take the photos and the studio then sells the photos to the graduates in packages. Personally speaking, I think you only need two- one receiving your diploma and the other with you in front of the flag. The other option is for you to hire a photographer.

Based on my perspective of graduations, the day is really about the graduate and those who helped them realize their dream. So the real photos are those after the ceremony. The photos with mom, dad, grandma and grandpa and all the others who helped the graduate over the two, four, seven or ten year journey. Two or three sometimes up to four friends can come together and hire a photographer who will capture the photos with the family and friends. From years of doing this- I can tell you it is priceless. The other option is to have your camera with you and take selfies or ask your friends to take your photos.

If you insist on doing it yourself or asking relatives make sure they have a zoom lens. A lens than can zoom up to 300feet away is a good start because they probably will not get close to the stage. Don’t just focus on you, get photos with your friends, professors, get the location of the ceremony. Get signs showing the college, school etc. Get a wide angle lens for the broad perspective. Make sure you get the family photos with grandma and grandpa.

If you have a lunch or dinner afterwards, keep your graduation gown and cap on. You do not graduate everyday- celebrate the moment. Then print your photos, don’t just post the photos to social websites. Most local pharmacies have printing kiosks and you can even email your photos and pick up your prints afterwards.

Congratulations to the graduclass of 2014.