NBA Lockout
NBA Lockout

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Hello world,

Sports is really big business.  The NBA lockout is going on with no end in sight.  Do you miss basketball or are you wishing and hoping it will be back soon? I think the players who make millions and are the superstars are not understanding that they cannot look at the issue from their point of view only.  They have to see it from the view point of the other players who are making $2M or $3M and have no Nike or or sneaker endorsement.

In a league with wbout 500 players, only about 50 are really stars, and of that number, only about 20 are really superstars.  The problem is that the league is driven by the few superstars.  Who really cares about the people who work the concession stands at the areans?  Who cares about their families?  Do they make millions of dollars so that they can take a season off?

The way I see it, both players and owners are losing each day there is no basketball.  Money lost by the players will never be recovered.  The news says they are meeting today without the mediator.  That’s a good sign.  If they keep talking to each other they will be able to work something out.  Basketball cannot afford to lose a season.  Get it together and stop slam dunking each other.