A View of Brooklyn Bridge


Our photo shoots are unique in that we take you to some of the most iconic locations in New York City as well as those off the beaten path such as The High Line and Brooklyn Bridge Park. If you are not familiar with New York City, just click on each link to see what each location looks like. We also do photoshoots in the comfort of your home and neighborhood. Our prices are affordable and you do not just have a photo shoot, you have an experience. Choosing Mileposts Productions over another company is like having your coffee at a famous coffee shop or grabbing a cup of coffee at a fast food chain. Sometimes you should just do it for the experience.

You could have your photo shoot here.  Click to see.  Central Park
How about the beautiful Bryant Park
Have you ever been to the High Line
Look at the photo above.  You could be standing on Brooklyn Bridge Park
Well, some people like the animals. Bronx Zoo
Oh, the beauty of flowers. Botanical Gardens
The other island is Staten Island


Photo Shoots

Click here to see our photo shoot prices or just send us an email at info@milepostsproductions.com

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