Mileposts Productions is more than photography. We bring a team of photographers, videographers, event planners, make up artists, and emcess to ensure we give the client more than they pay for. Our motto is “We Get It.” That means we not only understand what you want, but we give you what you want and then we give you a little extra.

We understand that we are not for everybody. Some people will think we are too cheap and some will think we are too expensive. We get that! But if you work with us just once- you will always want to work with us. We do not add frills you can’t use.

Do you really care what model camera your photographer is using, or do you care that your photographer knows what he/she is doing and that they deliver great experiences and great photographs? Go over to one of those social websites that has walls of photos and you will see amazing photos taken with cellphone cameras.

It’s not always about the equipment, but the person behind the equipment. Have you not seen dummies around the steering wheel of expensive and fancy cars? Notwithstanding, we use all professional cameras (Canon 5D Mark II, 5 III , professional lighting equipment, we use umbrellas and soft boxes, and flashes, but, they are only the tools to get the job done.

When the session is all over, our bottom line is- did you enjoy the experience and did you get great images to go hang on your wall or send to friends and family. That’s why we are mileposts apart from the cookie cutter operations.

*Wedding and other event planning
*Printing Services- flyers, invitations, greeting cards
*Resumes/Cover Letters

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