iPad 3 and March 7 Madness

March Madness

Today is the third day of March and the madness has begun. Typically, many companies will unvail new gadgets and of course Apple is always at the forefront.  They get your attention every March and not even the death of Steve Jobs is able to stop it.  So what are they up to this March? Well, the iPad3 is coming out on March 7, 2012 and rumor has it that it will be sleeker, lighter, faster than the iPad2.  That means if you have an iPad2 this is your time to sell it quickly if you intend to get the best price possible.  If you were wavering between the iPad2 and the Kindle, this is a no brainer- get the iPad2 for cheap. March is a good time to get the new or get the relatively new at a great price.  That is what  is so great about March madness.

If you are a photographer you are drooling at the mouth right now because Cannon is releasing a the Canon 5D Mark III with an amazing 21mp. Wow! What are you going to do with so many pixels. This is exciting indeed.  Then they are also coming out with a Speedlight Flash 600EX.  That is expected to be an upgrade on the 580EX and that was top dog just a few days ago.  SO what do you do? Think about it, there was nothing wrong with the 580EX flash so if you always wanted a top of the line flash you can buy it now.  I guarantee you will pay far less than what the new 600EX will cost you.  Later on down the road you can always get the latest model.  I hope that make sense to you.

Canon and Apple are not the only one creating March madness, it’s time for the NCAA basketball tournament and this is beyond madness- this is insanity.  They keep doing it year after year thinking it is going to be different, but we love it.  March is a happy month for basketball fans. Oh yes!  do you follow NCAA or college basketball? I love it because when you follow college basketball you are familiar with the players when they get to the NBA.  This year I think Duke, North Carolina, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Clemson, Kentucky are going to be some major players. Watch out! Join the March Madness!

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NBA Lockout

NYC East River


Hello world,

Sports is really big business.  The NBA lockout is going on with no end in sight.  Do you miss basketball or are you wishing and hoping it will be back soon? I think the players who make millions and are the superstars are not understanding that they cannot look at the issue from their point of view only.  They have to see it from the view point of the other players who are making $2M or $3M and have no Nike or or sneaker endorsement.

In a league with wbout 500 players, only about 50 are really stars, and of that number, only about 20 are really superstars.  The problem is that the league is driven by the few superstars.  Who really cares about the people who work the concession stands at the areans?  Who cares about their families?  Do they make millions of dollars so that they can take a season off?

The way I see it, both players and owners are losing each day there is no basketball.  Money lost by the players will never be recovered.  The news says they are meeting today without the mediator.  That’s a good sign.  If they keep talking to each other they will be able to work something out.  Basketball cannot afford to lose a season.  Get it together and stop slam dunking each other.