True Blue Monday

Sol Levit’s exhibition had been on display in City Hall Park for many months during 2011. Hope you had a chance to view it. The above photograph is one one of the pieces.

Congratulations to Eli Manning and the New York Giants on their division championship and another trip to the Super bowl. Today is a great day for New York Giants fans. They are going to SUPERBOWL XLVII in Indianapolis on February 5 and it is going to be PERFECTION. The NY Giants have answered the call to become an elite team and they have answered.

Condolences are in order for the family and friends of the late Joe Paterno, who died of cancer early Sunday morning. A lifetime of excellence cannot be tarnished by one seemingly lapse in good judgment. may his soul rest in peace and my his accomplishments never be forgotten. He deserves that much respect. Let’s give it to him.

Condolences to Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers whose seasons died yesterday. The good thing for you all is that there is a resurrection. Praise Jehovah! Selah. If you enjoyed this post, tweet it.

NY Giants and Elite Eli

WTC - The Rebuilding

NY Giants Can Win Superbowl! 

Hello world,

On Sunday Eli Manning and the New York Giants played like a team on a mission.  They played like they had been to the playoffs mountain top and seen the promise land, and they want to get there.  That tells me they can play with the best of them.  They beat Tom Brady and they almost beat Aaron Rodgers, but so many times they beat themselves. So far, Eli Manning and the New York Giants have played the Green Bay Packers closer than any other team this season.  If they should meet again, I predict the NY Giants will win.

Eli Manning is Elite

Nonetheless, Sunday was a great day and Eli Manning and his mates played a great game.  Congratulations are in order, and if they can hold on to the same strong spirit of determination, NY Giants fans will have a very Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year.  Eli Manning is an elite quarterback in the league no matter what other people say.  He believes it, his teammates believe it, and the fans believe it.  That’s it.

Enjoy your day!