Sandy Visits Brooklyn, New York

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Thank God the worst is over. Now we are in recovery and rebuilding mode. The Mayor of New York City has just announced that the death toll from Sandy now stands at 42 people. The New York City Marathon is off and the Nets Basketball game is on in Brooklyn tonight. Subways are up and running at least in Manhattan and some of the outer boroughs. The L train is still not running into Manhattan due to flooding of the 14th street tunnel. The MTA is working on it so we hope by Monday the L will be running. Check back here to find out.

Remember that Daylight Saving Time (DST) ends tonight so many people will get back the hour sleep they lost this week. Turn your clock back one hour before going to bed. If you are using candles- put them out before going to bed. If you are in Queens and cannot get gas, go to the Queens Armory in Jamaica, NY (168th Street). The National Guard is there and you will get gas. Some parts of the city are still without power so if you are coming to New York be reminded of that and be safe. Most NYC public schools will re-open on Monday for the over 1 million students. A few schools were damaged so please check with the city of New York’s website (

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From Obscurity to Lin-Sanity- Checkmate

The House That Jeremy Lin Built

Jeremy Lin has certainly brought the magic back to New York Knicks basketball and Madison Square Garden. It is awesome! What an amazing boost for the NBA and sports, and also New York City. Even President Obama commented on it this morning. Tonight is going to be sheer pandemonium at the Garden. Madison Square Garden will soon be known as the house that Lin built. If you are just a casual sports fan you will love what is happening to Jeremy Lin and what is now called linsanity.

Linsanity Is The New Sanity

The good news is that the New York Knicks now have a real point guard. That is why there is no need to worry about Carmelo Anthony or Amare. Everyone will be just fine. The New York Knicks can look and see how Miami Heat big three are playing together and realize that they just need to do the same. The Knicks were lacking a point guard- end of story. Some people think Melo and Amare cannot be on the floor together and that is just because they did not have a point guard. The Knicks now have a good problem- more than enough people to play. Thanks to Lin from Harvard.

Jeremy Lin -Checkmate

Mike D’Antoni must be congratulated for this turn around. Good thing he is the type of coach who does not mind going down the line on the bench. What if D’Antoni did not try something new? Lin would still be sitting on the bench and no one would ever know what he could do. There is a greater lesson here, and that is, you must be prepared when the opportunity comes. Opportunity only shakes hand with the prepared.
Jeremy Lin was prepared. The other lesson to learn from Jeremy Lin is that you should never be upset with people who do not know your value. Don’t fight with them, don’t fuss with them, just stay ready and if you live long enough your time will come. Two teams did not recognize his value and worth, but one did. Also, Jeremy Lin was going to be cut withing two days so he had a small window of time to make an impact and he did. Learn the lesson from Jeremy Lin. Be prepared. Be ready. Do not give up. Your time will surely come. Enjoy the Lin-sanity while it lasts. It is great!

Christmas 2011 Happenings in New York City

Christmas is a lot of fun in New York city and you will not even realize it is cold. Imagine people standing in Times Square from noon on New Year’s Eve in 20 and 30 degree weather and you will understand New York City. There are many things to do and see. Let us start with what to see.
Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree – Best dressed tree in the world.
Top of the Rock View of NYC right at Rockefeler Center.
NBC Studios at Rockefeler Center. There you can get a tour of the NBC set and you can also purchase one of a kind souvenirs.
The Skating Rink – right there at Rockefeler Center. Awesome time if you are a new skater, seasoned skater or scared onlooker. It’s fun!
Check back later for more exciting happenings in NYC.

PDN Photo Plus Expo in New York City

CANON BOOTH at PDN PhotoPlus Expo in NYC

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The PDN Photo Plus Expo is on at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City.  Yesterday was the first day open to the public and it was really well supported.  I can only imagine what today and tomorrow will be like.  Like last year, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Bay Photo, Smug Mug, and Epson are everywhere.  Not to be outdone is Blurb, the book people.  Their setup is like a living room with beautiful white leather sofa.  it is awesome.  When you get tired you can sit and relax at Blurb.  Also, they are giving you a 20% discount on your next book published with them.

Unique Photo out of New jersey was also very big.  So too, Adorama our photo people down the block from superpower     B & H Photo Video.  B&H has shuttle buses for two days since they are closed on Saturday.  The workshops are interesting and informative.  The have brought out the top guns. Gary Fong is there, Manfrotto, Wescott, HP, PNY, Tamron, Sigma, OnOne Software, and many more.   I found a company who makes something similar to a pocket wizard for less than half the price and it worked well when I tried it.

If you are a photographer, or even a tourist with a point and shoot camera, you will love Photo Plus Expo.  It is epic.  Tomorrow is the last day so get there early.  Of course, apart from the general sessions and the booths, thee are seminars, lectures and even portfolio reviews.  If you are serious about photography all roads lead to Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City this weekend.  Get there today or tomorrow.

Enjoy the pictures from the Photo Plus Expo.

Unique Photo Booth - seminar