New Year – 5 Ways to Make Quick Cash

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It is 2012 and after the record Christmas shopping I am sure we could all do with some extra cash in the New Year. So here are five ways you can generate some quick cash. it might not be a lot, but if nobody is going to just bring you $50 or $100, then you should think about these things. What could you do with an extra $50 or $100 per week or even per month?

1.Sell Online. You have shoes and clothes you have not worn in years and they are new with the tags on, sell them on Ebay or Amazon.

2. Start your Mary Kay business. Mary Kay is an opportunity to earn as much extra money as you want to earn. You can build a team or you can just sell the products. You get a website for $50 per year with all the products and people can pay with their credit card. Think about it? Visit the website for more information.

3. Babysitting?Pet-sitting? House-sitting. These are things you can do with very little start up money. You can do this part time for a few extra dollars or you can do it full time. You can even pick up children from school if you drive and keep them until 6pm when their parents come. You can make an extra $50 per child. Check with your state to find out the requirements.

4. Cook. Most people can cook. I’m sure people praised your cooking over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. If they work find out – offer to cater their next meeting or event. Maybe you can go to the nearby garage or gas station and offer to prepare lunch for the workers.

5. Bake.Yes! Bake. You can probably make cake or cookies and again, you can offer to cater for local businesses and make cakes for birthdays and other events. Everyday somebody is having a birthday. What if you could have two or three cake orders per week at $20-$30 per cake?

6. House cleaning or days work. Offer to clean and dust somebody’s house and make an extra $75-100 for your day.

These ideas might not be anything new, they might not even make the breaking news, but they might just be reminders that in 2012, nothing is going to just be handed to you. Learn to take action and instead of asking what happened, you make something happen. If you can’t find a job- create a job. Every problem is an opportunity for somebody to make money or provide a service. Be solution oriented rather than problem oriented and you will turn your questions into answers. Go for it!

NY Giants and Elite Eli

WTC - The Rebuilding

NY Giants Can Win Superbowl! 

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On Sunday Eli Manning and the New York Giants played like a team on a mission.  They played like they had been to the playoffs mountain top and seen the promise land, and they want to get there.  That tells me they can play with the best of them.  They beat Tom Brady and they almost beat Aaron Rodgers, but so many times they beat themselves. So far, Eli Manning and the New York Giants have played the Green Bay Packers closer than any other team this season.  If they should meet again, I predict the NY Giants will win.

Eli Manning is Elite

Nonetheless, Sunday was a great day and Eli Manning and his mates played a great game.  Congratulations are in order, and if they can hold on to the same strong spirit of determination, NY Giants fans will have a very Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year.  Eli Manning is an elite quarterback in the league no matter what other people say.  He believes it, his teammates believe it, and the fans believe it.  That’s it.

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PDN Photo Plus Expo in New York City

CANON BOOTH at PDN PhotoPlus Expo in NYC

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The PDN Photo Plus Expo is on at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City.  Yesterday was the first day open to the public and it was really well supported.  I can only imagine what today and tomorrow will be like.  Like last year, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Bay Photo, Smug Mug, and Epson are everywhere.  Not to be outdone is Blurb, the book people.  Their setup is like a living room with beautiful white leather sofa.  it is awesome.  When you get tired you can sit and relax at Blurb.  Also, they are giving you a 20% discount on your next book published with them.

Unique Photo out of New jersey was also very big.  So too, Adorama our photo people down the block from superpower     B & H Photo Video.  B&H has shuttle buses for two days since they are closed on Saturday.  The workshops are interesting and informative.  The have brought out the top guns. Gary Fong is there, Manfrotto, Wescott, HP, PNY, Tamron, Sigma, OnOne Software, and many more.   I found a company who makes something similar to a pocket wizard for less than half the price and it worked well when I tried it.

If you are a photographer, or even a tourist with a point and shoot camera, you will love Photo Plus Expo.  It is epic.  Tomorrow is the last day so get there early.  Of course, apart from the general sessions and the booths, thee are seminars, lectures and even portfolio reviews.  If you are serious about photography all roads lead to Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City this weekend.  Get there today or tomorrow.

Enjoy the pictures from the Photo Plus Expo.

Unique Photo Booth - seminar


World Series Baseball Phonegate Scandal


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If you have been following the World Series between Texas Rangers and the Cardinals, you must be talking about “phonegate” today.  What really happened?  Do you really believe the phone mix up?  What are your opinions? 

This is a short post because I am now using the Word Press theme to rebuild my website and right now it’s moving day.  You can still check out my other blog at  Check out the photo gallery for great photos. 

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