NY Giants and Elite Eli

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NY Giants Can Win Superbowl! 

Hello world,

On Sunday Eli Manning and the New York Giants played like a team on a mission.  They played like they had been to the playoffs mountain top and seen the promise land, and they want to get there.  That tells me they can play with the best of them.  They beat Tom Brady and they almost beat Aaron Rodgers, but so many times they beat themselves. So far, Eli Manning and the New York Giants have played the Green Bay Packers closer than any other team this season.  If they should meet again, I predict the NY Giants will win.

Eli Manning is Elite

Nonetheless, Sunday was a great day and Eli Manning and his mates played a great game.  Congratulations are in order, and if they can hold on to the same strong spirit of determination, NY Giants fans will have a very Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year.  Eli Manning is an elite quarterback in the league no matter what other people say.  He believes it, his teammates believe it, and the fans believe it.  That’s it.

Enjoy your day!




Thanksgiving Day Photography Tips


Photography Tips on Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Day is a great day for great photographs. You have the family there, and the table is beautiful, the house is decorated, it is just a picture perfect moment if you recognize it as such. SO, here are some tips and for many of you they will be things you already know, but as a professional photographer, I have sometimes missed the little things.

    1. Check your camera before you leave home to make sure it is working. That means turning it on and firing a shot.

    2. Change your batteries. Always start each photoshoot with fresh batteries. Then make sure you have extra batteries.

    3. Take an extra memory card just in case something happens to one. Memory cards are reasonable so you should always keep a back up. Better to have two 4GB’s than one 8GB.

    4. Plan what you are going to do with the pictures before you even take them. Are you taking them for an album, are you putting them on a website for the family to view, or are you making a photo book?

    5. Take posed portraits. For example, just before dinner have everyone gather at the table. have them stay behind the table with some seated and standing. You stand in front of the table so you get the turkey and all the table decorations. Have the families stay together so the relationships can be easier to note later.

    6. Get the important pictures. The preparation. The table. The turkey. Family praying before dinner. Laos take a few during dinner. Warning: Do not take pictures with anyone holding a glass. It could send the wrong message.

    7. Get the candid shots. Make sure you have a telephoto lens so you don’t have to get too close.

    8. There you have it. Gobble, Gobble! Snap! Snap!

Happy Turkey Day!



Hello America,

Happy Thanksgiving Day is what it really is, but there is so much talk about the turkey, we could just call it “Happy Turkey Day.” Nonetheless, the history and the reason for this day is crystal clear that we have been through so much as a nation that there ought to be one day when we can cease from our labor and thank our creator. Truly, God is good to us in America. I believe that tables everywhere today will have food, it might not even be a turkey, but there will be something to eat. Let’s really thank God for keep our nation safe and for preserving us in the face of dangers. God bless you and your family. May every member be present and accounted for. Happy Thanksgiving Day and God Bless America!

Regis Philbin



Hello World,                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Words are not enough to express the bitter sweet emotions of Regis Philbin leaving daytime television.  Live with Regis and kelly will go on, but it will not be the same without Regis Philbin.  Whenever I get the chance I always tune in at 9:00a.m. and from start to finish Regis Philbin keeps you laughing.  He is simply an amazing and extrordinary human being.  He was made for television.   It is indeed heart warming to hear he is not retiring, he is just moving on.  That is really a wonderful way to look at what we do with our lives.   He is not retiring- he is moving on.


There is no one like Regis because he is an original.  Jerry Seinfeld and whoever else they might put in the chair can only be themselves.  We know Kelly can hold her own and that is great.  what Regis has taught the rest of the world, is that you should always be doing something.  Keep working as long as you can.  Don’t retire at 65 and then sit at home and whither away.  Did you know Regis is 80 years old?  He is an amazing man.   Regis, walk good.  We hope to see you make cameo appearances here and there.  There is another chapter to your life and we hope we will see when you are writing it.  Television needs you.

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