Thanksgiving Day Photography Tips



Photography Tips on Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Day is a great day for great photographs. You have the family there, and the table is beautiful, the house is decorated, it is just a picture perfect moment if you recognize it as such. SO, here are some tips and for many of you they will be things you already know, but as a professional photographer, I have sometimes missed the little things.

    1. Check your camera before you leave home to make sure it is working. That means turning it on and firing a shot.

    2. Change your batteries. Always start each photoshoot with fresh batteries. Then make sure you have extra batteries.

    3. Take an extra memory card just in case something happens to one. Memory cards are reasonable so you should always keep a back up. Better to have two 4GB’s than one 8GB.

    4. Plan what you are going to do with the pictures before you even take them. Are you taking them for an album, are you putting them on a website for the family to view, or are you making a photo book?

    5. Take posed portraits. For example, just before dinner have everyone gather at the table. have them stay behind the table with some seated and standing. You stand in front of the table so you get the turkey and all the table decorations. Have the families stay together so the relationships can be easier to note later.

    6. Get the important pictures. The preparation. The table. The turkey. Family praying before dinner. Laos take a few during dinner. Warning: Do not take pictures with anyone holding a glass. It could send the wrong message.

    7. Get the candid shots. Make sure you have a telephoto lens so you don’t have to get too close.

    8. There you have it. Gobble, Gobble! Snap! Snap!