The New iPad Air – Love It or Leave It


See the Apple iPad Air by clicking on this link.

I had a chance to look at the features of the new iPad known as iPad air and the truth is it is very light. It makes for easy holding and compared to the 4th generation, that alone is worth getting the new iPad air.

Apple is consistently consistent with their products and they do not make sweeping changes from one model to the next. I think the reason for that is so they can add whatever is missing in the next generation products in the series. So guess what? In 6 months you can bet there will be an ipad Air 2 which will have an improved camera or some new feature that is not on the AIr. Notice their pattern, they could have easily put Retina display in their first iPad mini. But they did not. If you bought the ipad mini and you want the new one you could trade it in, and get the newer model.

Christmas is going to see a lot of tablets being given for gifts and i am sure the ipad AIr and the new iPad mini will top the sales again. If you have not yet seen the iPad Air, go into t store and go try it out. You will be amazed if for no other feature, but for how light it is. It beats you carrying around a heavy laptop on a daily basis. So, the verdict is in on the new iPad Air. Will you love it or leave it? I say love it.