Tim Tebow and the New York Jets
Tim Tebow and the New York Jets
NYC Water Taxi - Way to go!

NYC Water Taxi – Way to go!

Everyone seems to agree that in the National Football League (NFL), business is business and the NY Jets releasing of Tim Tebow today was just business. That might very well be true, but there is a way to conduct business. Would any of these men i the Jets organization like an employer to treat their son like that?

When Tim Tebow came to New York last year, he was asked to appear at a press conference where neither Rex, Woody or any of Jets management was present. That should have been the first red flag. Then throughout the season, despite the terrible play by Sanchez, Tebow was never given a chance to play quarterback. To add insult to injury, the Jets waited until all the other teams had filled their rosters before releasing him. That was just wrong.

Tebow handled himself with class and the classless Jets ruined this young man’s career with an unceremonious dismissal. Where is he going to get a job now? Is he as terrible as everyone is making out. He took the Denver Broncos much further than where Peyton took them this season. That should count for something.